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Underwater Dock Lighting

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Underwater Dock Lighting

Made in the USA with pride
Underwater lighting has never been so cool , and easy.

Just anchor the light to the bottom right out in front of your dock, simply plug it right into any approved GFCI recepticle and enjoy night after night of fishing fun or just enjoying the marine life.

  • For best results, deploy the light so it is about 3 feet below the surface. (Because there are no special transformers, ballast and other parts, there is no need for an electrician.)
  • Comes with a 50 foot cord, a 12v to 24v power supply to provide safe current to the light and an array of high output LEDs for
  • The light will float so an anchor is required to keep the light suspended at the desired depth.
  • A five pound weight should be enough to do the job.
  • Measure the water depth where you want to place the light.
  • Affix the weight or anchor to the cord with twine or zip ties so the light will rise and float a few feet below the surface.
  • Bring the cord up the dock posts and simply plug the cord into a certified GFCI receptacle.
  • A photocell or timer is recomended. (Can easily be purchased at any marine or home supply stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, ect)

  • As with any dock fishing light it is recommended turing off any other white lights on the dock.

    Continental U.S. Standard Ground shipping $25.00 per light.

    Regularly: $349.99
    On Sale: $329.00

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