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Hydro Glow  Fishing Lights - Off the Boat

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Hydro Glow Fishing Lights - Off the Boat

Made in the USA with pride
Our " off the boat " models all feature high quality LEDs designed to maximize light output and energy efficiency. The design of these lights make using them simple and effective. The LEDs are placed on three sides to give a solid 360 degree area of light. The lights are heavy enough to submerge on their on so you just tie the cord to the boat when it is submerged to the desired depth.

We coat the LEDs with a hard coat of epoxy to protect them from those accidental bumps, drops and rolling around in the boat. This hard coating makes your Hydro Glow Light virtually unbreakable.

We offer 3 sizes of our " off the boat " models:
Model HG354
  • 12 inches long
  • Made to deployed right off the side of the boat.
  • 162 high output LEDs, 1000 lumens
  • Comes with a 20 foot cord
  • Draws less than one amp.
  • Perfect for shallow water fishing,smaller boats, kayaks or canoes.
  • Perfect for speckled trout, reds, crappie, ice fishing and shrimping.

  • Model HG3108
  • 24 inches long.
  • Made to deploy off the side of the boat
  • 324 high output LEDs, 2,000 lumens.
  • Draws one amp
  • Suited for water depth in 5 to 20 foot deep range.
  • Comes with a 20 ft cord.
  • Designed for both freshwater and saltwater applications
  • Perfect for crappie, stripers, hybrids, walleye perch, sea trout, snook and snapper.

  • Model HF3216
  • 48 inches long
  • Designed to be deployed right off the side of the boat
  • 648 high output LEDs, 4,000 lumens.
  • Draws 2 amps
  • Comes with a 20 foot cord
  • Perfect for deep ocean and deep lake fishing
  • Used for catching swordfish, tuna, squid, snapper, grouper, striped bass, walleye crappie and lake trout.

  • Continental U.S. standard ground shipping $22.00 per light

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    HG354 - 1 ft, 1/2 amp with 20ft cord - $79.95
    HG3108 - 2 ft, 1 amp with 20ft cord - $139.95
    HG3216 - 4ft, 2 amps with 20ft cord - $199.95

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